Agona Apell believes that hardware without software leads nowhere. It is this belief that inspires him to devote his writings to illuminating the software that governs success in everyday life. Agona was born into a middle class Ugandan family, and in a higher education spanning eleven years studied Civil Engineering, Education, and Construction Management. It was through this eclectic mix of courses that he came into intimate contact with physics, psychology, philosophy, and economics, the four great disciplines that influence all his writing. Allied with this education in his writings, is his uncommon familiarity with lives spanning the whole spectrum of fortune, which he gained through his personal experience as a civil engineer working on million-dollar projects that afforded him close interaction with the wealthy clients sponsoring those projects and the middle- and low-income people employed on them as managers and labourers.

Agona lives in Kampala, Uganda, and occupies himself with the affairs of his farming and property development businesses between writings. Follow him on twitter on @agona33.

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